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The Board of Trade is partnering with WTOP on a sponsored content campaign that gives Board of Trade members a platform to broadcast their work in the region. This program began in May 2021 and will run through 2022. For more information, contact George Longwell, VP of Engagement, at [email protected]

Aired to date:

Ruth Williams-Brinkley, Regional President, Mid-Atlantic States, Kaiser Permanente

Ruth Williams-Brinkley shares how they are helping to get people vaccinated against COVID-19 so that we can put this pandemic behind us in her spot for WTOP. She also offers advice on how business leaders can encourage their employees and community to get vaccinated.

Amy Javaid, Interim President & CEO of A Wider Circle

Amy Javaid, Interim President & CEO for A Wider Circle, explains how the organization has used integrated, holistic services to help our neighbors rise out of poverty for 20 years. Read the blog here.

Blue Jenkins, President of Washington Gas

Blue Jenkins discusses Washington Gas’s workforce development program, its Washington Gas Cares program, and it’s “climate business plan” in these WTOP segments:

Learn more about these programs: Creating Careers in the Community | Washington Gas Shares a Roadmap to DC’s Low Carbon Future | www.washingtongascares.com.

Robin Kelleher, President & CEO of Hope For The Warriors

Hear a message from Hope For The Warriors on WTOP:

Learn more about Robin Kelleher’s vision on our blog: Hope For The Warriors’ Holistic Approach to Aiding Veterans and Their Families

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