After 20 Years of Service, A Wider Circle Remains Committed to Ending Poverty

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Amy Javaid is the Interim President & CEO for A Wider Circle

Several years ago, when he needed help finding work, Joe* enrolled in A Wider Circle’s Workforce Development Boot Camp. After graduating from the Boot Camp, the organization provided him with professional clothing, assigned him a volunteer Job Coach, and he set out into the job market. Joe had faced many struggles in his life but was confident in the path ahead.

As time passed, Joe would periodically call, email, or stop by A Wider Circle. Whenever he shared his successes or challenges, Joe noted how when he needed a boost, support, or connection, he would reach out. Today, Joe has his own apartment and steady employment, and recently came back for another step in his journey: to receive the furniture needed to set up his home.

For Joe and others like him, A Wider Circle’s work is not about a particular program, service, or product. It is about human connection and a community that is supportive for as long as it is requested. We are always here for Joe and thousands like him for each step of their journey. We seek for Joe what we seek for our own family — a chance, a path, and an opportunity.

Joe’s Workforce Development Boot Camp graduation

Everyone is welcome at A Wider Circle. Compassion, dignity, and an emphasis on building human connection are at the core of how we serve. We meet each of our clients where they are — identifying challenges, providing comprehensive support, and pursuing solutions together.

“I stayed in the whole day, just walking around happy.”
Ray, a formerly homeless veteran, after moving into his new apartment, furnished by A Wider Circle

While the past year has been one of both challenge and opportunity, through it all, the hallmark of our programming has remained our holistic approach. This method allows us to serve as a trusted resource for our clients, many of whom were disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, our ability to respond quickly and effectively to emerging needs enabled us to offer impactful services that supported the social safety net of the entire region.

A Wider Circle’s Neighborhood Partnerships Program provides comprehensive services and programming to under-resourced neighborhoods. During the pandemic, this has included delivery of groceries, fresh meals, and facemasks to families living in Southeast DC.

Now in our 20th year of service, we hold fast to our unyielding commitment to service and pathways out of poverty for those we serve. We will continue to stand with neighbors like Joe, day after day, year after year, until everyone in our region can live free from barriers to self-sufficiency.

*Name has been changed

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About A Wider Circle

At A Wider Circle, our mission is to end poverty.

Through our holistic approach we:

  • Create stable homes, providing families with furniture, beds, and essentials
  • Work with job seekers so they can attain stable, substantive employment
  • Bring much-needed services and programs directly to under-resourced neighborhoods

Since 2001, we have provided vital services to more than 270,000 children and adults in the Greater Washington region. Now in our 20th year, as those we serve continue to face added challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis, A Wider Circle remains steadfast in our commitment to helping those with the greatest need.

But we cannot do this work alone. Get involved today and help us end poverty. Learn more at