Board of Trade


The Greater Washington Board of Trade has represented all industry sectors in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia for over 130 years. Pro-business and non-partisan, we bring local leaders together to drive smart, innovative solutions for inclusive economic growth and livability.

“The Board of Trade is the highest quality collection of true industry leaders in the region—and has a great diversity of member organizations.”

Jake Burns, EVP of Business Operations, Washington Nationals


We convene leaders and focus on results.

Members often find that their engagement through the Board of Trade is the highest level networking available, involving leaders across the private and public sectors.

We advocate for the whole Greater Washington region.

The Board of Trade holds deep relationships across the District, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia. It
advocates on the local, state, and federal levels with a regional vision in mind.

We are the most diverse community of professionals in the region.

The diversity of our membership base is our greatest asset, bringing an enormous wealth of knowledge and perspective to bear on the region’s toughest issues. Leaders of law firms, catering companies, nonprofits, universities, banks, hospitals, local government agencies, and transit agencies all turn to the Board of Trade to advance the interests of their organizations and their communities.

We are member-driven.

The Board of Trade’s small staff works hard to facilitate and execute its programs, but the agenda is set and powered by the Board of Trade membership. It is an “open source” platform for members to do the region’s business.

Our long history can be seen and experienced.

Take a ride on the Metro. Stroll the National Mall. Cross the Key Bridge. Enjoy a performance at the Kennedy Center. The Board of Trade advocated for and helped build these and many other iconic assets across our region, leaving a 130-year+ legacy that informs and inspires our work today.

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