Board of Trade


The Greater Washington Board of Trade has represented all industry sectors in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia for over 130 years. Pro-business and non-partisan, we bring local leaders together to drive smart, innovative solutions for inclusive economic growth and livability.

Networking and Business Development.

Members find their engagement through the Board of Trade is the highest-level networking available, across multiple sectors. Convening members and regional leaders to accelerate business development, cultivate communities of practice, build sustaining relationships, and improve the region’s economy.

Regional Focus.

The Board of Trade holds deep relationships across the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia and maintains a commitment to regional collaboration, infrastructure, and inclusive growth. 

Broad Representation.

Offering a diverse community of professionals including members from business, government, academia, and social organizations, all bringing an enormous wealth of knowledge and perspectives to bear on the region’s toughest issues.

Member Driven.

The Board of Trade works for our members and the long-term success of their organizations and the region, on a platform built ‘for members, by members’. 

Impactful History and Experience.

The Board of Trade continues to leverage its 130-year+ legacy of positive impact across the region.  

Featured Members