As the leading regional business organization, the Greater Washington Board of Trade convenes business, civic and government leaders to collaborate and address issues that stretch across the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Pro-business and bipartisan, the Board of Trade develops positions on issues with the basic premise that sound, reasonable policies will benefit the economy and the community at large.

The Board of Trade’s top priorities include:


As the Board of Trade’s top legislative priority with a focus on Metro, alleviating traffic congestion in Greater Washington is accomplished through a combination of advocacy for greater transportation funding, greater roadway capacity and expansion of transit and transit-oriented development. The Board of Trade also seeks better use of the infrastructure we already have through telework, traffic signal synchronization and better communication regarding roadway construction and accidents.


The Greater Washington Board of Trade will work to make better use of existing community infrastructure and assets. As a region, we will connect through use of the regional assets of: technology, transportation, universities, healthcare, cybersecurity, life sciences, workforce, and hospitality in order to intelligently grow this region and enhance the quality of life for all citizens. 


Rapidly rising to the top of board agendas is the complex concern surrounding privacy and data security. Nowhere else is as central to protecting our economy, infrastructure and national security as is the Greater Washington region. 


Greater Washington is consistently the most resilient region in the nation due to the strength and diversity of its workforce. Greater Washington ranks first per capita in the number of knowledge workers in professional services, information technology, education and research. The region is also home to the massive federal workforce, its contractors and subcontractors and more. Although the strength and diversity of our workforce benefits the regional economy, it also creates competition for the most talented employees.

The Board of Trade is helping regional businesses attract and retain a qualified workforce. We work with regional businesses to:

  • Maintain a good quality of life for the region’s workforce
  • Identify and promote regional opportunities to attract and grow the workforce
  • Support fair employment legislation
  • Identify and promote best practices through employee programs.