Staff and Leadership

Executive Office

2023 Chair

Jermaine Johnson, President, Greater Washington, PNC Bank

President & CEO

Jack McDougle | [email protected]

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Membership Coordinator

Sonya Shackleford | [email protected]


General Manager

Jessica Shehadi | [email protected]

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Zarella | [email protected]

Senior Vice President of Strategy

Ashley Desing | [email protected]


Senior Vice President of Engagement

George Longwell | [email protected]

Senior Director of Member Engagement & Information Services

Lisa Sanders | [email protected]

Membership Engagement & Sponsorship Manager

Elyse Siravo | [email protected]


Senior Vice President of Policy

Kyle McColgan | [email protected]

Vice President of Government Relations

Daniel Flores | [email protected]


Communication Managers

Chris Gieckel | [email protected]

Nick Boykin | [email protected]

Programs & Events

Director of Programs & Events

Jackie Waidmann | [email protected]

Programs & Events Coordinator

Ivy Mason | [email protected]

Featured Members