Staff and Leadership

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Executive Office


Dave Velazquez, President & CEO, Pepco Holdings

President & CEO

Jack McDougle | [email protected]

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Sonya Shackleford | [email protected]


General Manager

Jessica Shehadi | [email protected]

Certified Public Accountant

Keely Hertel | [email protected]

Office Manager

Kathy McCorkle | [email protected]


Vice President of Engagement

George Longwell | [email protected]

Director of Member Information Services

Lisa Sanders | [email protected]

Government Relations

Vice President of Government Relations

Daniel Flores | [email protected]

Programs & Events

Assistant Director of Programs and Events

Najia Hasan | [email protected]

Programs Assistant

Michelle Poch | [email protected] 


Director of Communications

Lindsey Longendyke | [email protected]

Connected DMV

Chief Strategy Officer

Stu Solomon | [email protected] 

VP & Program Lead

Karl Darin | [email protected]

VP of Technology and Legal Affairs

David Verhey | [email protected]

VP Human Capital

Mimi Yeh | [email protected] 

Director Stakeholder Engagement

Ashley Desing | [email protected]

VP of Risk Management & Strategy

Preston Fischer | [email protected]

VP Innovation

George Thomas | [email protected]

Director Business Solutions

Geoffrey King | [email protected]

Sr. Analyst Business Solutions

Dan Galante | [email protected]

Senior Advisor – Security and Defense

Andy Weber | [email protected]

Senior Advisor – Capital Projects

Mike Loulakis | [email protected]

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