1990-2019: Thinking Globally, Acting Regionally

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  • 1990-2019: Thinking Globally, Acting Regionally

    The Board of Trade approached economic development with renewed energy in the 90s, targeting international firms. It remained committed to serving the Greater Washington community and finding new ways to drive regional collaboration.

    1960-1989: A Sharper Focus on Community Needs

    Throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, the Board of Trade worked through several initiatives to benefit area communities. It was also a champion for major regional assets in this time period, including the Kennedy Center and Metro.

    1930-1959: Mitigating Crises and Seizing Opportunities

    The Great Depression, World War II, and rapid post-war growth put new, intense, and different pressures on the region. The Board of Trade helped the region adapt.

    1889-1929: Envisioning a World Class City

    The Board of Trade was founded by local professionals to advocate for making the District a world-class city and not just the seat of the federal government. It became a trusted voice on the city’s design, infrastructure, amenities, and policies.

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