How Board of Trade Members are Helping During COVID-19

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  • How Board of Trade Members are Helping During COVID-19

    Board of Trade members are doing unique and powerful things to help the DMV get through the COVID-19 crisis.

    COVID-19 Briefing: Our Region’s State of Mind

    A panel of experts explore the pandemic’s impact on the mental health of workers, families, patients, and healthcare providers in our region.

    COVID-19 Briefing: Managing Cybersecurity Today & Tomorrow

    Jamil Jaffer, Senior VP at IronNet Cybersecurity, describes how cybersecurity threats have evolved and how the public and private sectors can work together to effectively address these new risks and challenges.

    COVID-19 Briefing: Getting the Region to Fiscal, Economic, and Public Health

    Government financial leaders in the District, Maryland, and Virginia discuss the pandemic’s impact on their budgets and the road to recovery.

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