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Connected DMV helps communities, governments, and businesses work together to improve how the region runs. It is striving for unprecedented region-wide collaboration and is focused on digital technology solutions that boost prosperity and serve the public good.

It is a shared program of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, and Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metro Area.

The Board of Trade is serving as the strategic host for this initiative.

Objectives & Strategy

Our strategy is region-wide, long-term, and comprehensive.

  • It spans the whole region because all communities in the DMV should have access to modern amenities that make life easier and more productive. Residents and visitors should also have a seamless experience with those amenities when they cross state or city borders.
  • It is long-term so that we can proactively shape the future we want. This means thinking about the infrastructure, public policies, processes, and standards that should be in place for ongoing regional coordination on projects that improve people’s lives.
  • It is comprehensive so that every technology project is compatible with a larger vision for an efficient, modernized region.

Our Guiding Principles

Connected DMV is taking a thoughtful, principled approach in the interest of the public.

  • We will always serve as a neutral facilitator that keeps collaboration fruitful and on-track while enabling all stakeholders to contribute their best.
  • Our region’s security is priority. We will apply top standards for cyber and physical security and emergency planning and response.
  • We value equity and inclusion. All types of communities should have a seat at the table and benefit from project outcomes.
  • We will respect the privacy of residents and visitors and ensure ethical data management practices.

Program Partners & Supporters

The quantity and diversity of organizations that have invested in this effort proves that being a connected region is in our future.

Our partner network includes over 200 organizations from all sectors and all parts of the region. These organizations are providing staff time, intellectual capital, and/or money. Their contributions are making our strategy stronger and paving the way for long-term success.

Founding Partners

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