Getting Ahead of Climate Risk in a Connected DMV (POSTPONED)

This event has been postponed due to concerns surrounding the transmission of COVID-19. We will announce a new date for this event in late April.


Changes to the Earth’s climate pose new risks to infrastructure, communities, and investments—touching nearly every industrial sector. At January’s meeting in Davos, McKinsey & Company launched a landmark report, Climate Risk and Response: Physical Hazards and Socioeconomic Impact, to help private and public sector leaders both manage these risks and get on the path to decarbonization and a more sustainable future.

Join us for a special event featuring experts and regional leaders that will explore how the DMV can build resilience in the years ahead.

Event Overview

12:00 PM: Lunch & Networking

12:45 PM: Keynote presentation by Dickon Pinner, global leader of McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice, on key report findings and the path to net zero emissions

1:15 PM: Panel of business and government leaders will explore how digital innovation and regional collaboration can unlock new opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to a changing climate

2:00 PM: Event concludes

About the Research

Launched at Davos in January 2020, this report describes the physical effects of our changing climate. It explores risks today and over the next three decades and examines cases to understand the mechanisms through which physical climate change leads to increased socioeconomic risk. McKinsey has also estimated the probabilities and magnitude of potential impacts. The report’s aim is to help inform decision makers around the world so that they can better assess, adapt to, and mitigate the physical risks of climate change.

Read the full report here.