Communication and PR professionals at Board of Trade member organizations convene quarterly to discuss current industry trends and share best practices for developing and nurturing organizational, media, and public relationships. We are excited to welcome Michael Akin (President, LINK Strategic Partners) and Beth Johnson (Founder and CEO, RP3 Agency) as 2022 series co-leads.

The Importance of Developing Authentic Partnerships to Boost Your Organization’s Media Relations

The evolution of the internet, rise of social media, and the adoption of the 24-hour news cycle has allowed us to receive a steady and constant flow of information. Yet not all news is publishable or worth airtime. For communication and PR professionals at companies and organizations, it is important to have coverage on activities, events, and initiatives to establish credibility and notability among wider audiences. So, what is the secret to getting media coverage?

During the first Communications-PR Roundtable, communicators from our member organizations discussed their strategies for developing and maintaining authentic partnerships with journalists and media professionals. With the public’s constant need for information, the media industry has shifted from their traditional approach of discovering and/or exploring leads to a more modernized approach where content is pitched by individuals who want placement. Therefore, the media is looking for stronger, long-term partnerships with communications and PR professionals to develop a constant stream of content that interests readers and viewers alike. Building and maintaining these relationships can be challenging (considering the everchanging media landscape), but it is doable. Some successful approaches for forming and continuing these relationships are:

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