Statement on the Federal Government Shutdown

From Jack McDougle, President & CEO of the Board of Trade:

“Not only is the government shutdown ineffective policy-making, it’s also hurting the region. Over 300,000 people in the area work for the federal government, and many of them are now missing a paycheck, with no reassurance from federal leaders when that paycheck will come. This is tough on those families, and it’s tough on the local businesses that rely on the daily spending of federal workers. It’s also discouraging tourists from visiting and spending their money here. This all adds up to enormous costs; when the government shut down in 2013, the D.C. area lost about $400 million of economic activity per week. Many of our member companies, large and small, are impacted. The Board of Trade urges members of Congress and the President to work together to reopen the government as quickly as possible.”


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