Letter of support for the Capital Grid Project

The following letter was submitted to Brinda Westbrook–Sedgwick, secretary of the District of Columbia Public Service Commission.

September 18, 2018

Dear Secretary Westbrook:

On behalf of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, I am writing in support of Pepco’s notice of construction (FC 1144) – the “Capital Grid Project” – filed on June 29, 2018. This project is critical for promoting enhanced reliability and strengthening the overall system.

Aging transmission and substation assets pose a major vulnerability to businesses, government and citizens. Nearly all electricity is imported from outside the city and, in fact, only four transmission lines supply electric power to the District as well as Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. Should any one of these lines go down, it could result in an outage lasting many days and cost millions in economic damages. Not to mention increased concerns about citizen health and safety.

Continuing growth in the District and surrounding communities depends on consistent, reliable and affordable power supplies. Equally important is the need to increase integration of renewables onto the system as well as support customer generated power such as roof top solar. The additional capacity realized through this project will better accommodate these alternative sources.

I am confident the merits of this project will persuade you to support its approval. Thank you for your attention


Jack McDougle
President and CEO
Greater Washington Board of Trade