Letter of support for electric vehicle charging stations

The following letter was submitted to Brinda Westbrook–Sedgwick, Commission Secretary of the District of Columbia Public Service Commission.

September 18, 2018

Dear Secretary Westbrook:

On behalf of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, I am writing in support of Pepco’s request to implement a suite of innovative electric vehicle programs. Compelling reasons for pursuing this important initiative include:

  • Establishing the District of Columbia as a leader in the rapidly growing electric vehicles market;
  • Encouraging electric vehicle ownership by offering various incentives – reduced electric rates, credits and rebates;
  • Public support for an electric vehicle network in Washington, D.C. is strong at 77 percent;
  • Growing electric vehicle use will create jobs and have a positive economic impact;
  • Electric vehicles are a clean technology that will reduce emissions, improve public health and enhance the environment;
  • Neighboring states are making significant progress including Maryland with a goal to achieve close to 2.4 million zero emission vehicles on their roads by 2025 as well as efforts underway in Virginia to develop a statewide public electric vehicle charging network.

The District of Columbia currently has limited electric vehicle use. Access to charging stations contributes to customer apprehension about investing in this clean, efficient, and affordable transportation resource. Initiating an electric vehicle program now will allow the market to expand and directly support the District’s long-term sustainability and clean energy plans.

I am confident the merits of this program will persuade you to support its approval. Thank you for your attention.


Jack McDougle
President and CEO
Greater Washington Board of Trade