GW Business & Policy Forum engages community, brings together prominent leaders with regional organizations

The George Washington University School of Business Advisory Council partnered with the Board of Trade and other regional organizations to for the GW Business & Policy Forum on Attacking Cybersecurity Risks.

The event, held on April 25, 2023, brought together top US government officials and prominent global leaders from the private and public sectors to address the most significant issues related to emerging technology and cybersecurity.

The forum highlighted the dominant force of emerging technologies in our society, which account for more than US$40 trillion in global nominal GDP. This included indepth discussions about how Artificial Intelegence (AI) technology is impacting a variety of global industries — growing businesses and changing how people work in the future.

Participants gained valuable insights and opportunities for interaction as they tackled the most pressing issues related to this ever-evolving landscape and its profound implications for global business, markets and regulation. The GW Business & Policy Forum was launched with support from the George Washington University School of Business Advisory Council.