Concerns with American Legion Bridge project delay

It would be an understatement to say we are disappointed by the news that Maryland’s plan for a new American Legion Bridge and beltway traffic relief is once again delayed. Traffic volumes in Maryland have already rebounded to pre-pandemic levels and this trend won’t slow even with necessary increases in transit options given the region’s population is expected to grow by 1.3 million people by the year 2045. 

Our region is consistently ranked amongst the most congested in the nation, costing the average commuter 83 hours and roughly $1,400 per year, with overall congestion estimated to cost more than $3.5 billion annually.  

This project should have started years ago, and each delay increases project costs, slows regional economic growth, and imperils our quality of life.  

We are pleased to hear that the federal Record of Decision is still intact to allow this to move forward and that Governor Wes Moore’s administration is committed to relieving traffic congestion. This project is a critical component of an integrated regional system, including transit, and we encourage the administration to take swift action.


Jack McDougle,
President & CEO 
Greater Washington Board of Trade