The Board of Trade represents and connects businesses across Greater Washington. Our strength has increased, our advocacy has improved and our results demonstrate real value to members across the region.

The Board of Trade is continuing to address the region’s critical issues – improving transportation with a focus on Metro, Smart Cities: Connected Region, cyber security and helping to attract and retain a talented, diverse workforce. 

By convening business, civic and government leaders, we will advance regional collaboration and make a significant impact in our business community and the community at large. The Board of Trade’s top priority, however, remains growing your business.

2017 is a critical year throughout Greater Washington. The Board of Trade will be right there for you through it all, ensuring that the challenges are minimized and the opportunities are clear. Thank you for your support of the Board of Trade.  We look forward to working with you and your colleagues throughout the year.


Kim Horn
2018 Chair, Greater Washington Board of Trade
Regional President, Mid-Atlantic States, Kaiser Permanente

Jack McDougle
President & CEO, Greater Washington Board of Trade

PS: If you are not yet a Board of Trade member and you're interested in learning more, please send us an email and a staff member will contact you!