Axios shares ‘Smart Brevity’ communication approach at TD Bank Morning Star Speaker Series

Featured guests from the media group Axios spoke about ‘Smart Brevity: The Power To Say More With Less’, a communication approach that has made their organization successful, when the Board of Trade hosted a TD Bank Morning Star Speaker Series event at The Tower Club in Tysons, Virginia, on April 6.

TD Bank’s head of HR, US Commercial Banking, Tara John, led a conversation with Axios’ publisher Nicholas Johnston and Axios HQ’s chief of staff, Tristyn Hassani, on punching through the noise and delivering high quality, effective communication that gets people to pay attention.

Topics covered by the speakers from Axios included how to engage and create more efficient emails, company branding and how it can impact audience engagement, and stories of how Axios found success in practices that it has implemented to make communication internally and externally more streamlined and clear.

Speakers from Axios engaged the crowd on how digital communication has changed the way we do business and how brands adapt in a fast-paced business society. Board of Trade members also got the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers from Axios regarding communication efforts within their own companies, and some of the sturggles they face.

A huge thank you to our sponsor for this event TD Bank and its regional president, Terry Kenny, for helping the Greater Washington Board of Trade help grow workforce solutions and promote success for business in our region.  

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