Technology & Innovation

The DMV can be a hotbed for technology & innovation

Greater Washington can grow and diversify its economy by attracting technology companies. It can also provide better infrastructure, services, and amenities to its residents by taking advantage of 21st-century upgrades. We believe that becoming a hotbed of technology and innovation will make Greater Washington a more robust, resilient, and livable region, and we are committed to working with public and private sector stakeholders to make that happen.

Regional issues should include: 

  • Investigate regulatory barriers that hinder technological growth and/or integration 
  • Advocate and push for regulations that encourage investment in the growth of the tech industry
  • Analyze regulatory opportunities that other cities are already implementing 
  • Improve federal acquisition to create a procurement friendly environment 
  • Create an environment that encourages broadband adaptation in the region essential for efficient and reliable communication 

Smarter Now

The Board of Trade has been active in “smart city” circles and is on the leading edge of understanding what this movement means for Greater Washington. Read our early position paper to learn more about our Smarter Now vision.

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