Global Best Practices

Photo: Marcelo Campi/Flickr

Greater Washington can be a global leader.

Cities across the globe have been developing smart city solutions to solve chronic urban challenges and positively impact residents’  lives. Corporate, elected, and civic leaders are forging new partnerships to make smarter investments for the good of local residents.

We can learn from experiences in New York, Singapore, Seoul, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and other metropolitan areas. Specifically, we can observe what worked and what didn’t when these cities integrated multiple technologies, transformed data into usable information for residents, and promoted broad-based acceptance among citizens, governments, and companies. How have other cities successfully branded these initiatives? What innovative partnership and financing models can we use to improve our infrastructure? How have others worked across multiple jurisdictions?

More importantly, we can set a positive example for the rest of the world. Our region can and must become a center for experimentation and wise risk-taking to quickly adapt and scale solutions for inclusive economic growth.

Board of Trade members will discuss these issues and more in a Global Best Practices solution group, which will gear up in 2019. To get involved, contact George Longwell, Vice President of Engagement.

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