Business Development

We’re helping Greater Washington attract new business for a strong and diversified economy.

The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has the fifth largest economy among metropolitan areas in the United States. Historically, the U.S. federal government and its contractors were the backbone of our economic growth. This heavy reliance on the federal government has kept our region afloat during economic downturns, but it has also brought business to a sudden halt during government shutdowns.

Diversifying the Greater Washington economy will lower risks while giving the region’s many graduates more options for building a life and career in the region that gave them their education.

Amazon and Technology Sector Growth

The Board of Trade was a vocal supporter of the region’s effort to secure Amazon’s second headquarters. This work included campaigning for and securing dedicated Metro funding via the MetroNow initiative and supporting Arlington County’s performance agreement. Both efforts made Crystal City a more attractive location for Amazon and other companies looking for a highly-educated workforce, reliable infrastructure, and a welcoming policy environment.

Greater Washington Initiative

The Board of Trade founded the Greater Washington Initiative (GWI) in the 1990s to attract businesses from other parts of the country and the world. Board of Trade staff and members traveled to other metro areas, from Silicon Valley to London, to make the case for business expansion in the D.C. region.

GWI Mission Statement

GWI is committed to marketing the region as an optimum location to live and conduct business, thereby spurring economic growth and job opportunities.

The Goals of the Initiative

  • Develop the region’s national and international identity as premier science and technology center
  • Attract companies to the Greater Washington region from target sectors

Featured Members