Affordable Housing

Everyone deserves an affordable and comfortable place to live.

Housing in the United States continues to be a topic of concern and conversation across all segments of the population. This issue afflicts low- to moderate-income families and individuals across the states and in the Greater Washington region. Housing cost is projected to increase as the gap between housing supply and demand widens and as prices continue to grow at a faster rates than income.

A deficit in affordable housing limits families and individuals from access to jobs and achieving gainful employment, receiving quality education, and obtaining the necessary job training to alleviate financial hardship. Consequently, these issues are also detrimental to quality of life. 

The Board of Trade will work with stakeholders and elected and appointed officials to influence policy that maintains funding of housing programs, integrates inclusivity in affordable housing reform, and promotes anti-poverty solutions to ultimately improve livability in the Greater Washington Area. 

Priority issues include:

  • Assess regulations with current policies that contribute to the current state of the housing affordability¬†
  • Preserve and expand resources for affordable housing programs¬†
  • Consider methods that would incentivize capital investments for long-term solutions

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