This page is private and exclusive for viewing for Pepco Holdings.

This page is private and exclusive for viewing for Pepco Holdings.

The Board of Trade’s strategic plan calls for leading the business community in shaping and advancing a vibrant regional economy. To accomplish this, the strategic planning committee reached a consensus that “Smart Cities: Connected Region” presents the best opportunity to implement the strategic plan in an engaging and regional manner.

In furthering these goals, a Smart Cities: Connected Region task force, has been meeting to identify:

  • What falls under the umbrella of Smart Cities (i.e. technology, transportation, communications, health, public safety, and more)
  • Best practices from other regions across the country
  • Inventory of assets that could be improved in this region
  • New technologies and proposed regional solutions of benefit to Greater Washington
  • Experts on the topic of Smart Cities

A Potomac Conference is a proven vehicle to use in further exploring how this region should adopt smart city principles and how it should incorporate specific actionable, measurable and attainable ideas along the spectrum of common to fanciful and along a timeline of one to two years, five to ten years, and twenty-five years plus. Therefore, work will be undertaken by the Smart Cities Task Force to host an inclusive, collaborative Potomac Conference that is sponsored and well attended in early 2018.

In order to learn more and refine the definition of what a Smart City is to this region, we will gather a well-rounded group of government officials, business executives and community leaders to crowd source and learn more about what the region needs in a smart city.

Target Audience: This invitation-only event attracts 100 C-Suite executives.

Early 2018

Here is a look back to the two previous Outlook Conference. Click the links for the information.

2012 - Public-Private Partnerships: Opportunities for Greater Washington

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2008 - Greening our Region, Growing our Business