Washington Post Op-Ed by Former Chair, Til Hazel

We wanted to pass along the following op-ed in the Washington Post by the Board of Trade's former President (nowadays Chair), Til Hazel.

As you know, the Board of Trade is a long-time supporter of Metro. We were instrumental in its initial development in the 1960s and have continued our support through a number of initiatives and now, as one of the founding members of the MetroNow Coalition to secure long-term dedicated funding to ensure safety and reliability. 

Til's remarks are a testament to his continued support for the region's economic prosperity and quality of life. In 1984, when Til served as president of our board of directors, he said "business executives, public officials and citizens are sensitive to Greater Washington's growing transportation needs. No one organization can solve these problems, but the Board of Trade intends to be part of the solution."  

We are thankful for his leadership and continued support for the Board of Trade and efforts to bring Metro to a state of good repair. 

Til - Thank you!