MetroNow Launches Business, Nonprofit and Grassroots Coalition to Reform Washington Region’s Transit System

MetroNow (002).jpg

Today is an exciting day in the Greater Washington region.   As the legislative sessions begin in Maryland and Virginia, the Greater Washington Board of Trade in conjunction with other regional business, non-profit and grassroots groups will launch the “MetroNow” coalition.  This is a first-of-its-kind branded regional collaboration combining the resources of businesses and residents throughout the region.

Our aim is to ensure there is action to reform Metro’s governance and funding to create a better Metro system that is safe, reliable and sustainable for all our residents and visitors - and to do so NOW!  

The success of MetroNow will require the voices of individual business leaders be heard. And a safe, reliable and sustainability transit system is critical to all our businesses.  

In the coming days and weeks, The Greater Washington Board of Trade will be reaching out to our members for your support. For now, we ask you to sign our MetroNow action petition and follow the coalition via our digital channels:, @MetroNow and

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