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January 2019

  • Confirmed that technology has outpaced societal infrastructure, warranting GWSRM
  • Received authorization from the Executive Committee to establish GWSRM as the key strategic program for the BOT
  • Confirmed social inclusion as a key pillar of GWSRM to be designed from the outset
  • Confirmed the importance of advancing swiftly, as technology haphazardly proliferates throughout the region without a common strategy and approach
  • Created draft scope description of GWSRM
  • Implemented a staff augmentation strategy to resource GWSRM while prudently managing financial risk to the BOT
  • Established an industry steering committee for GWSRM scheduled to meet every six weeks

February 2019

  • Created mission and vision statements for GWSRM
  • Identified a set of guiding principles to frame the GWSRM initiative
  • Identified GWSRM as an infrastructure initiative, differentiated from the prevalent application-oriented approaches
  • Defined GWSRM as a 20-year initiative
  • Engaged COG to jointly define a public-private partnering strategy
  • Engaged CUWMA to incorporate broad-scale academic participation
  • Engaged Dr. Sokwoo Rhee from Commerce/NIST to brief GWSRM initiative and solicit best practices
  • Met with Department of Defense to better align with existing and future national security requirements
  • Confirmed the GWSRM mission, vision, guiding principles, partnership strategy, and funding requirements with the BOT Officers
  • Finalized the strategic decision to establish BOT, COG, and CUWMA as the GWSRM founding partners

March 2019

  • Created an operating model framework for GWSRM outlining an integrated view of the region
  • Created a technical representation of smart cities to highlight the importance of infrastructure
  • Created Solution Group framework and approach as a mechanism for member and partner engagement
  • Confirmed the GWSRM mission, vision, guiding principles, partnership strategy, regional operating model framework, funding requirements, and key risks with the BOT Executive Committee
  • Received approval from COG’s Board of elected officials to support the Strategy Phase of GWSRM
  • Received approval from CUWMA’s Board of University Presidents to support the Strategy Phase of GWSRM
  • Formally launched GWSRM in ceremony at Capital Area Food Bank with founding partners and federal government representation (with corresponding press release)
  • Received national recognition from Washington Post story regarding smart region initiative
  • Confirmed GWSRM strategy and partnership/collaboration agreements with industry steering committee
  • Updated the BOT Board of Directors on the GWSRM mission, vision, value proposition, regional operating model framework, and Solution Group approach for member engagement
  • Conducted initial healthcare meetings to identify early projects to improve benefits to veterans

April 2019

  • Launched monthly GWSRM governance meetings (BOT, COG, CUWMA)
  • Finalized strategic partnership with WMATA given its existing authorities, assets, and long-term role as regional steward
  • Hosted regional organizations for GWSRM briefing and invitation to join as collaboration partners
  • Briefed local chambers of commerce and invited their participation in GWSRM
  • Met with MWAA and GWP, inviting participation in GWSRM
  • Identified the need for a regional standard for disabilities in GWSRM
  • Launched joint working sessions with COG Environment, Transportation, and Homeland Security & Public Safety teams
  • Extended invitation to industry, academia, government, and non-profits for participation in Solution Groups
  • Created first draft of long-term governance strategy for GWSRM
  • Initiated regular cadence of meetings with the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO)
  • Created GWSRM sponsorship strategy for fundraising of $3.5 million along with corresponding sponsorship packages
  • Received confirmation for key decisions, funding requirements (GWSRM and BOT ongoing operations), and GWSRM sponsorship strategy including sponsor benefit packages from BOT Officers
  • Delivered a GWSRM deep dive session at Uber offices for members of the BOT Board of Directors
  • Participated in Dentons Smart City Roundtable
  • Met with Verizon Smart City 2.0 team to understand Verizon’s vision for connected communities

May 2019

  • Created a regional shared services hypothesis to extend and accelerate government services with private sector input
  • Confirmed key assumptions on the overall GWSRM strategy, governance, cybersecurity, regional shared services, P3s, and procurement from two meetings of the Strategic Advisory Council
  • Confirmed the Solution Group approach and regional shared services strategy with the industry steering committee
  • Conducted the initial Solution Group Chair orientation sessions
  • Confirmed key decisions, partnership progress, funding requirements, and GWSRM sponsorship strategy including sponsor benefit packages with the BOT Executive Committee
  • Identified initial sponsorship candidates from industry and foundations and began pursuit of a strategic Title Sponsor for GWSRM
  • Briefed Montgomery County Executive Elrich on the GWSRM regional strategy
  • Conducted executive conversation with BOT members and elected officials from the COG Board of Directors to determine the strategic direction of GWSRM
  • Presented GWSRM strategy at Smart Infrastructure Summit and the CRE Connect Summit
  • Presented detailed strategy to Northern Virginia Chamber’s leadership committee and invited collaboration
  • Began individual meetings to build collaboration with Federal City Council, The Economic Club of Washington DC, and the Northern Virginia Technology Council, inviting participation as partners
  • Presented GWSRM to Junior Achievement Board meeting requesting collaboration in Education Solution Group
  • Reached Solution Group participation level of 200 members and 100+ companies/organizations
  • Initiated partnership discussions with the new Commander of the Military District of Washington for Resilience and Sustainability Solution Group
  • Met with DC Grantmakers Association to propose assistance with GWSRM funding
  • Identified two potential strategic initiatives for community colleges, including regional supply/demand matching and cross registration
  • Began engagement with CIT to better integrate with Virginia’s approved digital initiatives

June 2019

  • Launched Solution Groups and conducted the first Solution Group meetings
  • Identified 11 key operational areas where increased collaboration could benefit the region
  • Engaged the financial community to explore the viability of a creating general fund for P3 projects
  • Launched development of a technical reference architecture staffed with systems engineers with experience from U.S. national laboratories
  • Launched branding effort for GWSRM to establish a name, tag line, and logo
  • Outlined a collaboration strategy with the Commander of MDW/JFHQ-NCR
  • Conducted working session with COG procurement leaders to assess potential improvements
  • Conducted initial meeting with CUWMA and community college leaders to brief GWSRM
  • Participated in cellular industry workshop hosted by DC and federal government agencies to hear 5G network build out projections from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint/T-Mobile, and Crown Castle
  • Presented GWSRM at 2030 Group regarding regional strategy
  • Confirmed strategy phase progress, sponsorship progress, and funding opportunities/risks with BOT Officers

July 2019

  • Presented GWSRM strategy and approach at the Global Cities Team Challenge Expo co-hosted by the Department of Commerce (NIST, NTIA) and the DHS Science & Technology Directorate
  • Conducted initial workshop, marketplace interviews, and focus groups to gather key branding inputs
  • Hosted CISA at the BOT Executive Committee Meeting to discuss role as potential partner
  • Received briefing and tour of operations center from CISA leaders after briefing CISA Director
  • Conducted a Strategic Advisory Council working session to review an early draft and approach for the technical reference architecture
  • Confirmed key decisions with the industry steering committee and reviewed Solution Group progress and the transition plan to conduct quarterly meetings beginning Q4 2019
  • Began working with CIT (David Ihrie) as a strategic advisor to assist with Virginia integration into GWSRM
  • Briefed CAOs from Arlington and Alexandria on GWSRM strategy and regional shared services hypothesis
  • Confirmed reference architecture approach with CIOs from DC, Prince George’s County, and Herndon
  • Met with Department of Energy to identify key areas of collaboration

August 2019

  • Signed collaboration agreement with Federal City Council focusing on Education and Workforce initiatives
  • Formalized collaboration agreement with RAND Corporation as a commercial partner for pursuing NSF and other grants to benefit the region
  • Identified Gallaudet University, Easterseals, National Industries for the Blind, and World Enabled as potential collaboration partners focusing on how disabilities will be addressed in the smart region design and how a national digital standard for disabilities can be created
  • Received a briefing from Crown Castle on co-location for 5G environments upon their joining the BOT
  • Began initial planning for Regional Roundtables as an effective, public-private scenario-based method for engaging and supporting public officials
  • Delivered initial release of regional technical reference architecture for public sector IT professionals
  • Participated as panelist in Dentons Global Smart City Conference
  • Validated interest and potential for supply/demand matching and cross registration with community college leaders
  • Began evaluating a framework for evaluating healthcare projects that benefit veterans

September 2019

  • Selected “Connected DMV” as the branded name to replace Greater Washington Smart Region Movement (GWSRM)
  • Engaged Chief Administrative Officers on the Connected DMV strategy and regional shared services hypothesis
  • Confirmed an initial release of the regional technical reference architecture with Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers
  • Submitted a National Science Foundation planning grant proposal with RAND Corporation for regional cybersecurity and data management
  • Conducted a Solution Group co-chairs meeting to further integrate activities and plans across groups
  • Signed a partnership agreement with the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) for support with regional cybersecurity strategy
  • Signed a collaboration agreement with the Military District of Washington / Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region focusing on a variety of areas including regional security, resiliency, and digital solutions
  • Signed a collaboration agreement with Inova Health System focusing on health, wellness, and inclusivity
  • Confirmed progress and direction with BOT Board of Directors
  • Participated on various panels such as the MetroLab Summit, Smart Cities Week Conference, and WeDC Futures Forum

October 2019

  • Launched the Connected DMV brand and logo, including hosting a celebration event for more than 100 Connected DMV founding members, collaboration partners, and solution group participants
  • Signed a collaboration agreement with the 2030 Group focusing on innovative mixed-use development, smart buildings, and real estate development
  • Signed a collaboration agreement with Inova Health System to advance critical elements of a healthy and inclusive smart region
  • Signed a collaboration agreement with the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce with a primary emphasis on workforce opportunities
  • Formalized the community college initiative defined in May 2019, focusing on cross-registration and supply-demand skills matching (PGCC and UDC-CC have signed; MC and Nova pending)
  • Confirmed release 1.0 of the regional technical reference architecture with private sector representatives in the Technology Architecture and Innovation Solution Group
  • Began regional mapping of digital assets to assist with planning for digital infrastructure and solutions
  • Began drafting the risk management framework for Connected DMV
  • Began defining the regional ADA standards for Connected DMV within Social Inclusion Solution Group
  • Began integration with CTIA (Wireless Industry Association) Strategic Industry Programs team
  • Confirmed progress, direction, and funding needs with the BOT Executive Committee and Connected DMV leadership team

November 2019

  • Continued to work with founding Connected DMV partners on Strategy Phase progress, stakeholder engagement in Solution Groups, and representative projects to deliver regional outcomes
  • Conducted a Strategic Advisory Council working session to confirm the upcoming priorities for Connected DMV
  • Drafted Technical Architecture, Cybersecurity, Data Management, and Privacy principles with Solution Groups and the region’s public sector Chief Information Officers (feedback / revisions pending)
  • Drafted Social Inclusion principles with Solution Group members (feedback / revisions pending)
  • Reached agreement with Prince George’s County executives to participate in Connected DMV
  • Signed a collaboration agreement with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority focused on identifying priorities for joint development of digital infrastructure and solutions
  • Conducted planning meeting at Fort McNair with the Military District of Washington / Joint Force Headquarters – National Capital Region regarding regional resilience and commercial integration
  • Identified specific areas for collaboration with the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in support of a regional cybersecurity strategy
  • Confirmed regional risk management principles, framework, and approach with the risk working committee of the Resilience & Sustainability Solution Group
  • Launched a differing abilities working committee of the Social Inclusion Solution Group
  • Executed 15 Solution Group meetings
  • Participated in soft target in-building sensors test and exercise at George Mason University
  • Reviewed progress, direction, and funding needs with the BOT Executive Committee
  • Initiated process to establish a Connected DMV Foundation 501(c)(3) with Miles & Stockbridge and K&L Gates

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