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October 19-20, 2017 | Sagamore Pendry Hotel Baltimore

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SESSION 1: Everything Gets Shipped: How the Port of Baltimore Unlocks New Opportunities

Donovan Murray
General Manager Intermodal / Trade Development, Maryland Port Administration

The Port of Baltimore is central to almost every growth opportunity in Baltimore and beyond. No one is more aware of the opportunities than Executive Director Jim White who has overseen the Port Administration since 2007. The widening of the Panama Canal brings larger ships and growing demands. Learn how the market is responding and what is coming next. Hear how the double stacking of trains and the proposed solution for the Howard Street Tunnel combine to maximize the benefits of this major east coast port. 

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SESSION 2: Great Venues and Better Performance: How Two Arts Jewels are Becoming More Polished Than Ever

Deborah Rutter
American Arts Executive, Kennedy Center

Arvind Manocha
President and CEO, Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts

The Kennedy Center is in the midst of the largest construction project since its opening. This very special arts and entertainment institution is being transformed under American Arts Executive Deborah Rutter’s leadership. The expanded capacity lends itself to new and exciting uses. Get a sense of how the Kennedy Center becomes even more of a regional asset extending Greater Washington’s brand worldwide. 

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In a few short years as the President and CEO of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, Arvind Manocha’s business sense and creative genius have catapulted Wolf Trap to the top. Arts & entertainment come together in the most wonderful of spaces with the most intentional direction. Come hear how this magnificent jewel is being programed and learn more about the foundation’s education reach. 

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SESSION 3: How the Travel Experience is Changing and Where Growth Will Come From

Gloria Bohan
President & CEO, Omega World Travel

Domestic and international travel drives business at our airports, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants and more. No one has a better finger on the pulse of this business than Gloria Bohan, President and CEO of the top woman-owned travel agency in the U.S. Market shifts and even political winds directly impact travel. Technology and customer service go hand-in-hand. Come learn about new trends and innovation in advertising and what is driving travel. 

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SESSION 4: Powerhouses Getting Bigger and Stronger – The Outlook for Opportunity in the Energy Sector

Terry McCallister
Chairman & CEO, WGL Holdings, Inc.

John O’Brien
President, AltaGas Services, Inc.

Dave Velazquez
President & CEO, Pepco Holdings

A year ago, Exelon merged with Pepco to become the leading mid-Atlantic electric and gas utility company. Big storms have come and gone, big undergrounding plans are in place and one year in, come hear from Pepco Holdings’ President and CEO Dave Velazquez of what the additional resources are offered to the Greater Washington market. 

In January, it was announced that the Washington Gas $6.4 billion transaction with AltaGas will cement Greater Washington as a powerful energy headquarters. Washington Gas’ Chairman and CEO Terry McCallister and the President of AltaGas John O’Brien are well versed in the emerging trends that will shape our region through sustainable energy, growing business opportunities and new technologies that will power transportation, buildings and much more into the years ahead.

SESSION 5: Some of the Coolest Things You’ve Ever Seen

Tamara Christian
President & COO, The International Spy Museum

Craig Floyd
President & CEO, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Two exciting new venues open in Greater Washington next year.

The International Spy Museum relocates to a beautifully designed, 140,000 square foot structure that will include new resources for educational programming, a lecture hall/theater, and multifunction event space with sweeping views of DC which is sure to generate much attention. Learn more from their President and Chief Operating Officer, Tamara Christian, about what just happened to their collection and why you’ll want to be first in line for the opening in the Fall of 2018.

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The National Law Enforcement Museum, a project of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, is a 57,000-square-foot museum which will be located adjacent to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Judiciary Square.  Scheduled to open in the Fall of 2018, the museum will respectfully showcase the commitment of the law enforcement agency through the ages. Learn from the Memorial Fund’s President & CEO, Craig Floyd about how this significant new museum is sure to attract attention and attendees. It’s not what you think – it’s much more.

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DINNER SPEAKER: The Future Has Real Risks and Astounding New Developments

Ric Edelman
Founder and Executive Chairman, Edelman Financial Services

There is no more important economic engine in the region than Metro. SafeTrack dominates the headlines but more plans are underway for improvements and ridership growth. As reliability and improvements continue, attention turns to funding, Phase 2 of the Silver Line and more..

  • Understand how Metro will focus in the future
  • Hear plans for customer service, communications, technology enhancements and more

SESSION 6: How Space Travel is Already Big Business in Greater Washington and What to Expect in the Years Ahead

Matthew Desch
Chief Executive Officer, Iridium Communications, Inc.

Remember those big old satellite phones? Iridium dominated that market. No company evolved faster or further than Iridium in responding to the technology changes driving the communications industry. They do satellites. They do so many satellites that they have become one of the biggest customers of private space launches. Who better than their CEO Matt Desch to discuss how important commercialization of space travel is to business and where the opportunities reside for the Greater Washington region. Space X, Blue Origin, Wallops Flight Facility and emerging regulations all point to a fast-growing field of interest for the Greater Washington region.

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SESSION 7: Commute by Boat: How the Washington Waterways Will Soon Be Better Utilized

Michael Winstanley
Principal, Michael Winstanley, Architects & Planners

An ambitious new plan to utilize water taxis and ferries is underway in creating an integrated transportation network. Michael Winstanley, has exciting visuals to demonstrate the market opportunity and true transportation benefits encountered through better use of our rivers. 

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SESSION 8: Travel and Tourism – The Key Export of Greater Washington: Why Tourists Matter

Elliott Ferguson
President & CEO, Destination D.C.

With over 20 million visitors per year, hospitality is by far one of the top economic engines driving business across Greater Washington. The dramatic shifts in travel decision making requires an expanded reach to drive more visitors here. Steering that work is the President and CEO of Destination D.C., Elliott Ferguson, who is outfitted with more rooms, more flights and even more venues coming online. This session will preview next year’s noteworthy events and address how we will overcome the challenges of policies, economies and more. Elliott will also share how he is using strong marketing techniques and refined advertising efforts to grow the hospitality business.

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SESSION 9: Weight…What? The Thinking Behind the Largest Sports and Wellness Complex in the Region

Kendrick Ashton & Craig Dixon
Co-Founders & Managing Partners, The St. James Group

Three times the size of a typical Wegmans, it’s time to pay attention and understand the St. James Sports and Wellness Complex. Opening in Springfield, VA next year, this 20-acre destination will have over 430,000 square feet under roof and over 2 million visits per year. Learn why it’s perfect for this location, why it will sell out in short order and how almost 20 more locations will open across the country. What were they thinking about the makeup of this region that made them believe this would succeed?

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SESSION 10: The Outlook for Commercial Real Estate Across Greater Washington: How Trends Are Developing and What to Know About Them

Joe Stettinius
Chief Executive, Americas Brokerage and Capital Markets, Cushman & Wakefield

Nothing reflects economy better than the commercial real estate sector and shifts are underway. Commercial is becoming residential, class Cs are being used as Amazon distribution centers and we may have hit the limit on how many people can fit in an office. Joe Stettinius sits atop the leading global real estate firm, Cushman & Wakefield. From this special vantage point, Joe gets a look at what is coming. Hear how old buildings are getting new life and what the commercial real estate signs are showing. 

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SESSION 11: The Fight for Talent Has Become a War

DeLinda Washington
Vice President Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan

Ken Wiseman
Design Principal, CannonDesign

Nowhere in the country is the job market tighter than in Greater Washington. McDonalds is moving to automation and Starbucks has a perennial ‘help wanted’ sign out. Across the board, from small to large firms, everyone seeks talent. Signing bonuses are back, tuition assistance is back and some of the demands will surprise you. Hear about the innovative solutions being applied to recruitment and retention across Greater Washington. See what works and what to keep in mind as you look to hire who you need. 

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SESSION 12: Get Me There: Moving Fast Between Washington and The Northeast Corridor

Jeff Hirschberg
Vice Chairman, The Northeast Maglev (TNEM)

The Northeast Corridor is the most congested transportation region in the nation. Learn about the future of train travel from The Northeast Maglev (TNEM) - a U.S. owned company based in Washington, DC and what they are doing to bring the revolutionary Superconducting Maglev to the busiest corridor in the U.S.

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SESSION 13: How the Smart Cities Concept Can Improve Greater Washington

Alan Harwood
Vice President Planning, AECOM

The Northeast Corridor is the most congested transportation region in the nation. Learn about the future of train travel from The Northeast Maglev (TNEM) - a U.S. owned company based in Washington, DC and what they are doing to bring the revolutionary Superconducting Maglev to the busiest corridor in the U.S.

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SESSION 14: How did it get here so fast? The work underway to make sure that Amazon delivers what you need when you need it.

Blair Anderson
Director Transportation Public Policy, Amazon

E-commerce and technology are creating new transportation models. In a region of Prime users and frequent buyers, Amazon Is developing innovative ways to serve you better. Learn about what makes two day delivery possible. Hear more about autonomous vehicles, large and small, on the ground and in the air and how they are coming sooner than you think. This is the Outlook session you may not believe even after you attended.