Regional Priorities

Regional Workforce Issues

Greater Washington is consistently the most resilient region in the nation due to the strength and diversity of its workforce.  According to the Greater Washington Initiative, Greater Washington ranks first per capita in the number of knowledge workers in professional services, information technology, education and research.  The region is also home to the massive federal workforce, its contractors and subcontractors and more.  Although the strength and diversity of our workforce benefits the regional economy, it also creates competition for the most talented employees.

The Board of Trade is helping regional businesses attract and retain a qualified workforce.  We work with regional businesses to:

  • Maintain a good quality of life for the region’s workforce
  • Identify and promote regional opportunities to attract and grow the workforce
  • Support fair employment legislation
  • Identify and promote best practices through employee programs.

The Board of Trade’s Workforce Committee helps drive policies that improve our resident’s quality of life.  The work of our other committees also positively impacts the region’s economy and quality of life.  These committees include Transportation and Land Use, Emergency Preparedness and Green's Competitive Advantage.