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Sequestration: Scenario Planning to Assist Companies in Preparing for Sequestration

To equip and inform regional businesses, the Board of Trade has assembled the most critical information on the pending Federal Sequestration budget cuts, which aim to reduce the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion starting next year, with a $110 billion cut in federal agency funding each year for almost ten years.

Compounding the fact that these cuts will have major implications for business in Greater Washington, it is the ill-informed nature of these reductions that causes unnecessary concern. To date, there has been very little guidance issued from the federal government. And when it is issued, it is often too little or conflicting with prior directives. This whipsaw adds to the uncertainty surrounding these cuts.

To ensure that area businesses are as prepared as possible, the Greater Washington Board of Trade has compiled the best information and top experts to address the possible scenarios regarding Sequestration and developed the following recommendations and guidance to help businesses prepare for this as best they can.

Use this website as a constant source of information as this issue evolves over the coming weeks and months.

Board of Trade Business Preparedness Guidelines for Sequestration

On September 18th, the Board of Trade assembled a special program to address the implications of Sequestration on the government contracting industry, real estate, banking and budgeting, and more. Attendees also gained practical insight for how to scenario plan and identify potential opportunities within the shifting marketplace in light of continued uncertainty.

Speakers included:

  • Marjorie Censer, Reporter, The Washington Post
  • Rob Levinson, Defense Analyst, Bloomberg Government
  • Dr. John Hillen, President & CEO, Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc. & Vice Chairman, Professional Services Council
  • Dr. Kevin Brancato, Defense Analyst, Bloomberg Government
  • Peter Marcin, Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
  • Peter Knickerbocker, Senior Vice President, Senior Client Manager, Bank of America
  • Peter Mandanis, Senior Vice President Government & Technology Team Lead, SunTrust Bank
  • Deborah Nixon, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

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