Regional Priorities

Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning

Because Greater Washington is the home to the federal government, the implications for business disruptions are significant.  The Greater Washington Board of Trade is advancing emergency preparedness and business continuity efforts in the region by addressing critical issues. The Board of Trade is working to improve the region’s preparedness by developing programs and policies that integrate the private sector into regional emergency response planning.  In addition, we are increasing awareness of business continuity issues; educating business leaders on our region’s pressing issues; and improving public-private partnerships between government, nonprofit and business leaders.  Through its emergency preparedness and business continuity efforts, the Board of Trade continues to:

  • Educate organizations on the necessity of being prepared in the event of an emergency.
  • Examine common weaknesses in business continuity plans and ensuring that businesses can communicate with their workforces during the event.
  • Bring the private sector and regional governments together to plan how to work together in the event of an emergency.
  • Advocate for better emergency preparedness and business continuity policy.

Preparing for the 2013 Inaugural Events

To prepare for the 2013 Inaugural events, the Board of Trade will host a conference call on Friday, January 11th featuring top business, transportation and security officials to discuss the implications and opportunities surrounding this historic weekend. Over 800,000 people are expected this year. Less than President Obama’s first, but still a big crowd.

Call will discuss security plans and precautions; road closures, travel restrictions and regional accessibility; Metro hours of operation and implications of high ridership and more to help determine whether your office/workplace operations will be affected. Learn about the demand for hospitality, restaurant activities and the general sense of what to expect when the Inauguration takes place.

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Hurricane Preparedness

Severe weather could cause significant disruption to business and property throughout Greater Washington including flooding, strong winds and widespread outages. Transportation issues may affect commuter routes, bridges, tunnels, airports, METRO and AMTRAK. Access to workplaces, technology limitations and communication links may all be restricted. To assist area businesses in preparing for a wide spread disruption, the Greater Washington Board of Trade recommended the following considerations: Business Preparation Guidelines for Severe Weather.

In an effort to inform our member and regional community, the Greater Washington Board of Trade convened a special Hurricane Preparedness Conference Call on Tuesday, August 28th to provide forecasts for the 2012 season and recommendations ffrom the American Red Cross' CEO, the Council of Governments' Executive Vice President, OPM's Deputy Director of Facilities, Security, and Contracting, DC Police Foundation's Executive Director and several other key leaders.  

Hurricane Preparedness Call Audio - Listen Here

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Because the Greater Washington region is home to the federal government, the World Bank, numerous company headquarters and other high-target establishments, the Board of Trade is proactively addressing the cybersecurity threat in our area.  We raise awareness of cybersecurity threats within the business community and monitor issues with public and private sector leaders, including the FBI, DC government, Accenture, Pepco Holdings and James Lee Witt Associates. 


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