Regional Priorities

Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning

Because Greater Washington is the home to the federal government, the implications for business disruptions are significant. The Board of Trade is advancing emergency preparedness and business continuity efforts in the region by addressing critical issues and by developing programs and policies that integrate the private sector into regional emergency response planning. 

Through its emergency preparedness and business continuity efforts, the Board of Trade continues to:

  • Educate organizations on the necessity of being prepared in the event of an emergency.
  • Examine continuity plans to ensure that businesses can communicate with their workforces during an emergency.
  • Bring the private sector and regional governments together to plan and work together better.
  • Advocate for emergency preparedness and business continuity policies.

Special Emergency Preparedness Briefing

In light of growing tensions around the world, the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region presented an in-depth preparedness briefing to provide attendees with better understanding of the implications for Greater Washington and the preparedness steps necessary for our region.

This program was a collaborative effort across jurisdictions, organizations, governmental agencies and more, demonstrating the strength and expertise in our region to ensure Greater Washington remains prepared and informed. Special thanks to our partners in the DC Police Foundation, DC Chamber of Commerce and The Mayflower Hotel for their support in hosting this timely event.

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