Regional Priorities

Regional Priorities

As the leading regional business organization, the Greater Washington Board of Trade convenes business, civic and government leaders to collaborate and address issues that stretch across the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Pro-business and bipartisan, the Board of Trade develops positions on issues with the basic premise that sound, reasonable policies will benefit the economy and the community at large.

The Board of Trade’s top priorities include:

1. Transportation

The Board of Trade supports regional coordination to reduce roadway congestion. We are helping to secure dedicated funding for Metro’s maintenance and expansion. Additionally, we are working to fund new roads, bridges and transit systems and their ongoing maintenance.

2. Emergency Preparedness

The Board of Trade is working with the US Department of Homeland Security and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to establish emergency preparedness and business continuity plans for the region. Through its revitalized Emergency Preparedness Task Force, the Board of Trade is developing programs and policies that integrate the private sector into regional emergency response planning.

3. Green's Competitive Advantage

The Board of Trade promotes sustainability as an opportunity for regional businesses and the environment.  The new Green Committee is exploring how the region can leverage green policy and business practices to improve productivity, business growth and quality of life.

4. Workforce Issues

The Board of Trade helps businesses attract and retain a qualified workforce. It supports a good quality of life for employees, fair employment legislation and the promotion of best practices.

Members drive specific legislative issues through regularly convened committees of the Board of Trade. Additionally, Board of Trade Political Action Committees (PACs) endorse political candidates who support the Board of Trade's priorities.

Regional Policy Advisory Committee

The Greater Washington Board of Trade Regional Policy Advisory Committee provides a regional perspective and better coordination in developing Board of Trade policy and to better link legislative support with the action of our committees (Transportation, Green as a Competitive Advantage, Workforce and Emergency Preparedness/Business Continuity) These committees make suggestions on positions representing official Board of Trade policy to ensure a regional perspective. Once committees have reached a consensus on issues, they are in turn referred to the policy committee for further discussion and action.
After policies are reviewed by the policy committee, they proceed to the Board of Trade Executive Committee for action and are periodically reported to the Board of Directors.  Members of the Regional Policy Advisory Committee represent all sectors of the business community in Greater Washington.