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Greater Washington’s business leaders affirm our value.

Just ask our members. They'll tell you that only the Greater Washington Board of Trade gives you:

  • Access to leaders at all levels of business and government
  • Professional development programs for all levels of leadership
  • Premier regional business events
  • Research that helps guide your business decisions

Benefits Members Enjoy

Join the Board of Trade now to:

Develop worthwhile connections

  • Small and large gatherings are designed to connect the region's business leaders.
  • Through shared advocacy and research efforts, business leaders develop relationships with a wide variety of leading professionals in Greater Washington.
  • Board of Trade members obtain access to leaders at all levels of business and government.

Increase your influence

  • Advocate for good business policies

Enhance insight

  • Get data on regional consumer confidence and inside information about trends in business decision-making.

Gain visibility

Associate with Greater Washington’s Business Leaders

Being affiliated with the largest network of business and non-profit leaders in the Greater Washington region is highly regarded and worthwhile. Founded in 1889, the Greater Washington Board of Trade enjoys a long history of creating and maintaining a business climate that is healthy, inviting and profitable for the regional business community and the community at large.

Join today and see an immediate return on your investment with the Greater Washington Board of Trade.

For further information on membership opportunities, contact Diane Dellen, Director of Membership, at 202.857.5960.