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Security Storage Company of Washington and 11 Corporate Affiliates Rebrand to the Secor Group

Initiative Underscores Commitment to Service Excellence and Expanded Logistics and Mobility Capabilities

April 25, 2011; Washington, DC – Security Storage Company of Washington and its 11 corporate affiliates announced today the launch of their new brand, The Secor Group.  The brand change will be inclusive of all companies currently operating under the Security Storage holding company which includes:  Federal Forwarding, Federal Moving and Storage, Security International, Security International Logistics, Security Moving and Storage, DD&S Express, DD&S Brokerage, Davidson Transfer and Storage, Davidson Forwarding, Bolliger, Morse Moving and Storage, and West End Moving and Storage.  All companies will begin the operational transition to the Secor Group immediately, with full integration expected by EOY 2011.

“At a time when most in our industry have been slow to react to changing market conditions, we chose to see this period as an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and move closer to our customers by finding new ways to create value, innovate and deliver outstanding service,” said Charles Lawrence, President & CEO, the Secor Group.  “The process to integrate 13 companies into a singular, customer-focused organization with a unified brand was about far more than establishing a new name, logo, and web site; it was about establishing a common purpose, clear performance standards and operational protocols which drive service excellence, and – most importantly – a set of behaviors that create market preference, build brand loyalty and consistently demonstrate the value of working with the Secor Group.”

The underpinning of the Company’s new brand is a re-designed customer experience developed from a multi-year effort to align employee experience and service delivery innovation with the expectations and desires that customers used to define what a world-class logistics and mobility services provider represents.
“Outstanding service is our assurance of delivery.  It’s our brand promise, one that we make to every customer regardless of size or scope,” said Lawrence.  “We recognize many companies can move something from point A to point B.  It’s not what we do that’s different; it’s how we do it that makes all the difference.”

Aside from the development of a differentiated customer experience, the branding initiative also provided the Company a platform to highlight recent acquisitions as well as the depth and breadth of its logistics and mobility services.

“We’ve increased our geographic footprint establishing operations and a partner network around the globe; added significant capabilities in the areas of international freight forwarding, warehouse and fulfillment services, document storage, heavy hauling and industrial moving; and expanded our workforce mobility and relocation services portfolio,” added Lawrence.

The Secor Group is a global logistics and mobility services company headquartered in Washington, DC.  Secor Group companies have begun the name changing process with each industry organization and will officially change all affiliate names upon approval from these organizations.


Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Secor Group’s roots date back 120 years to the oldest storage company in our nation’s capital – Security Storage. Since our founding in 1890, an unyielding commitment to customers has driven the Company from a local moving and storage provider to an international leader in global logistics and mobility services.  In everything we do, we are accountable, ambitious, responsible, engaged with customers and ready for change.  To learn more about the Secor-Group, visit  Service, scale and scope.  The Secor Group:  Global Logistics and Mobility Services.  Assurance Delivered.