Outlook Program

October 13-14, 2016 | Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort

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SESSION 1: Far Beyond 3D Printing

David Woessner
General Manager, Local Motors
Many places print trinkets of molded plastic from “3D” printers. Advanced technologies are seeing a surge far beyond trinkets. 3D printing is rapidly changing the nature of manufacturing and nowhere is this more evident than at Local Motors – a car printing company. It may be hard to imagine, but it is already being done right here, right now.

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The Honorable Aubrey Layne
Secretary of Transportation, Commonwealth of Virginia

Congestion is the Achilles’ heel in the Greater Washington Region and no one is doing more than Virginia Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne to improve things. From HOT lanes to road widening, and from laser attention to Metro to the full use of P3 funding state-wide, real progress is being made.

  • Learn directly about the critical regional transportation issues
  • Understand what is necessary for improvements to happen
  • Discuss constraints and the outlook for key projects


Brian Hammock
Vice President, State and Government Affairs, CSX Transportation

The National Gateway is the most important development for east coast rail transport. Central to this is the Virginia Avenue Tunnel near Nationals ballpark. Equally critical to unlocking the Port of Baltimore’s full capabilities is the Howard Street Tunnel – currently constricted from accommodating double stack trains. Hear why:

  • Rail is a critical infrastructure component for Greater Washington
  • Understand how these tunnels hold the key to unlocking more

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Session 4: Port as Catalyst

Kathy Broadwater
Deputy Executive Director, The Maryland Port Administration

95% of everything is shipped. The Panama Canal has been widened and deepened to enable passage of much larger ships. The Port of Baltimore is perfectly situated to grow and develop in manufacturing and light industrial.

  • Understand why the Port of Baltimore is great for the entire region
  • Preview markets and opportunities

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Session 5: How Industries of the Future Will Affect our Region

Alec Ross
Author, Industries of the Future

In The Industries of the Future, Ross shows us what changes are coming in the next ten years, highlighting the best opportunities for progress and explaining why countries thrive or sputter. He examines the specific fields that will shape our economic future, including geography of future markets, cybersecurity, technology with an emphasis on EduTech, and the commercialization of genomics.

Made possible by our good friends at Hooks Book Events.

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Session 6: Metro, Beyond SafeTrack

Paul Wiedefeld
General Manager & CEO, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

There is no more important economic engine in the region than Metro. SafeTrack dominates the headlines but more plans are underway for improvements and ridership growth. As reliability and improvements continue, attention turns to funding, Phase 2 of the Silver Line and more..

  • Understand how Metro will focus in the future
  • Hear plans for customer service, communications, technology enhancements and more

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Session 7: Personalized Medicine

Marshall Summar
Chief, Genetics and Metabolism, Margaret O’Malley Professor of Genetic Medicine, Children’s National Medical Center

Learn how the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation (SZI) is driving innovation to change the way pediatric care will improve. The Institute is supported by, and has access to, more than 600 clinicians and clinician-scientists with Children’s National and the Children’s Research Institute, the research arm of Children’s National.

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Session 8: Why Personalized Commercial Real Estate is a Trend to Know

Revathi Greenwood
Director, Research and Analysis, Washington DC Region, CBRE

Spencer Levy
Americas Head of Research, CBRE


  • Whether the U.S. will continue to be home to sought after real estate investments from foreign investors
  • Whether the urbanization movement is a long-term trend or a recent fad
  • The importance of transportation alternatives to urban growth including mass transit, driverless cars, and even walking
  • The relative strength of the Greater Washington market and an Outlook for 2017

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Session 9: The Transformation of Union Station

Beverley Swaim-Staley
President, Union Station Redevelopment Corporation

Real change is coming to Union Station and the work begins sooner than you think. Understand the scope and timeline.

  • Post-earthquake
  • Amtrak and Metro
  • Longer term - Burnham Place

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Session 10: Hard to Hire: Workforce Trends

Molly Bauch
Manager, IT Strategy, Accenture Federal Services

Two factors figure in the workforce equation: businesses are finding it hard to recruit the people they need to hire and; under employed people are finding it hard to get jobs. Accenture and the Board of Trade are collaborating with the region’s Workforce Development Boards to address this situation head on. Hear what’s working and understand what to expect in the year ahead.

  • Outlook on employment
  • How the Workforce Development Boards could work together under the coordination of the Board of Trade
  • What the main statistics are saying
  • What makes a region a great place to recruit and retain

Click here for Molly Bauch's slides.

Session 11: How Under Armour is Changing the Face of Baltimore Through Sagamore Development

Marc Weller
President, Sagamore Development

Under Armour is boldly changing the face of sportswear, while Sagamore Development is steadily imprinting property with quality and energy. Port Covington may soon be the coolest place in the country. Wisconsin & M may soon be the hottest corner. Baltimore-Washington has more upside than most people recognize. Hear how Sagamore Development is playing a role in bringing the two closer.

  • Recreation Pier Hotel in Fells Point
  • Sagamore Spirit
  • Port Covington
  • Renderings, videos, etc.

Session 12: A Bigger Deal Than You Think: The Museum of the Bible

Cary Summers
President, Museum of the Bible

Almost bigger than the new National Museum of African American History and Culture?! Opening when?! Hear about the biggest project you have not heard about, mere blocks from the US Capitol.

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